Beach Bum

February 2010

While the beach didn't hold Liam's attention as long as the pool we always started out there each morning. Liam liked to play with his sand toys and dig holes. (Isn't it interesting that Mike is reading a book in this picture, I only was able to read when Liam was sleeping!)
He was perplexed by the waves. He liked them but did not like the way the waves stole the sand from under his feet and made him fall down. Hence the tight hand hold at all times.
He loved to gnaw on his sandy apple for a snack...mmm.
One day Mike went scuba diving in the am and we were on our own. I love this picture he is such a big boy.
Liam's favorite thing about the beach was the seaweed eating machine! We were always out pretty early so we always got to see it go by. he loved that thing!

My Mexican Water Bug

February 1, 2010

The Boyle family headed to Riviera Maya for a little R and R (also to escape all the snow). We stayed at the Dreams Riviera Spa and Resort and had a great time. The weather was hit or miss with some cool mornings and usually rain in the afternoon but we made the best of it.

Liam LOVED swimming. He has never been scared of the water so we were not surprised when he wanted to spend hours in the pool. Every morning we would be down there around 8:30 (yes my late sleeper was up at 6:30 every morning) and stayed until lunch/nap time.
We had our own fan club at the pool, everyone knew Liam's name. People were amazed at how well he swam and they learned not to panic when he went underwater and I didn't rescue him right away. I am a firm believer that kids learn their fears, so if you show no worry than hopefully they won't worry.
Mike and Liam loved to rough house while in the pool. How high up could he go? We will have a lot of great memories from this vacation.

Is that a Blue Dog?

January 24, 2010

I found Liam drinking from the dog's water bowl today and couldn't help but laugh. Then I made him do it again once I got the camera.
Now I can't get him to stop!

Supporting the Colts

January 23, 2010

My two favorite boys in their Colts gear! Too bad they didn't win the Superbowl this year.
This little mischievous boy had his heart set on it. Touchdown!

Our Chirstmas in Michigan

December 29, 2009

So once we got back from Chicago we eventually had our Christmas. It was quite and involved only a few gifts but we enjoyed it.
Liam got his Daddy a hat for that bald head (although we didn't know it was going to be bald!). Liam got a few great toys.
Liam and Daddy surprised Mommy with the best gift ever, an ornament with Baby Boyle #2's ultrasound picture on there! I was so excited.

Snowy Chicago

December 27, 2009

Chicago got quite a bit of snow while we were there so we broke out the sled and Liam was all smiles.
My mom even got into the action, she would do anything to make Liam happy!

Children's Museum at Navy Pier

December 26, 2009

The day after Christmas Mike and I took Liam to the Children's Museum at Navy Pier. I think Liam's favorite thing was the water room. He had a lot of fun, got pretty wet, and screamed when we left that section.
His not so favorite thing was taking this picture. Since Mike shaved his head the day before Christmas he just had to have a picture in this chair. I think Liam might of been a little scared.
Liam probably went down this slide twenty times! It made music as your bottom went over the little ridges on the slide.
It was a fun day and the highlight for me was the Garrett's popcorn we got, Chicago mix is my favorite!