Beach Bum

February 2010

While the beach didn't hold Liam's attention as long as the pool we always started out there each morning. Liam liked to play with his sand toys and dig holes. (Isn't it interesting that Mike is reading a book in this picture, I only was able to read when Liam was sleeping!)
He was perplexed by the waves. He liked them but did not like the way the waves stole the sand from under his feet and made him fall down. Hence the tight hand hold at all times.
He loved to gnaw on his sandy apple for a snack...mmm.
One day Mike went scuba diving in the am and we were on our own. I love this picture he is such a big boy.
Liam's favorite thing about the beach was the seaweed eating machine! We were always out pretty early so we always got to see it go by. he loved that thing!

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